Tuesday, April 30, 2024

3d printed form?

For a time I was not writing any blog messages, I was still doing some stuff in the workshop. I followed the flow and bought some 3D printers, even more than one. They are useful tools for my paywork. Maybe some other day I will share info about what I use. For the current CNC I am ending there are some hollow places I could fill with epoxy granite.
I made a funnel on 3d printer
close those gaps and try to fill them with not cured epoxy granite. But as I still use not so much epoxy it was not running well. Even vibrations on the funnel did not help. So I measure those gaps, create a form and I will pour them. Then they will be installed on the machine using some small amount of clear epoxy.
In form you can see my insert made from aluminium, M5 thread. It was made in the way to avoid it being easy to tear from epoxy granite blocks and it will not rotate in holes.
It will be my first test of it. 

Friday, April 26, 2024

Show must go on

Hi, I am thinking if there will be some interest in reading posts on that blog. But recently I started looking back at my workshop and making some small jobs in it. One of the tasks is to end all started machines. Like that CNC which has some elements from epoxy granite. So let's start! One of the things I made is a table for that machine. I used recycled aluminum profiles and plywood. I used some casters to make it movable. There is some place for electronics for CNC in it.
Another thing I made is to fill the bottom of the machine with more epoxy. Its purpose is to make it heavier and less vibrating. In future there will be aluminum table on it. Added also some PE boards to avoid chips and cooling flying around.
Some work on drives is also made
And the electronic board almost connected, some small corrections needed and it will be tested.
I am old school and it still will be driven by Mach3 over the LPT connector. I bought all the elements so long ago and there is no point to scrap them and buy new stuff.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018



Do you remember frame that I made from profiles and epoxy granite Lathe body - epoxy&profiles.
I thought to use it as lathe body, but it have dimensions ideal for my X axis. And I will use it.

All free spaces in this machine was planed to fill with epoxy granite. So I can use it as is. Less work for me ;)


Monday, May 7, 2018

Come back - new CNC

Hi all,

If you thought that blog end you were wrong. Family eat almost all my free time, until now. I decided to go back to my workshop and build some thing new. First I have to end my old project that was stared about year ago. Second CNC for my workshop.
Table with one drawer and main frame are ready:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

What happen with Fightech

Hi all,

I was not posting long time, but there were some reasons. Smaller and BIG ones.
One of most important thing is that Fightech go pro. I started company named Fightech. It was in my mind for long time and now it is reality. I always wanted to connect my hobby and professional skills. And now I am doing it. What I can do:
- design and building test benches for PCB/electronic devices testing,
- programming test benches in Python or NI LabView/Test Stand,
- programming microcontrolers,
- design digital and analog electronic,
- design and building CNC machines,
- building 3D printer,
and others.
My business expands to get new machines and new skills.

Nevertheless I will post new things here soon as I still build some new things in my workshop.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Workshop update


Last time when I have visitors in workshop, they said that it is totally different from what they seen on blog. So small update of current layout (before some other things will be presented). Forgive me for the mess.

New/old CNC after some upgrade. Lot of epoxy granite used to reinforce construction. Wider X axis, ball screws installed on all axis, new enclosure. Still waiting for new spindle to rebuild Z axis.

 Drilling spot, rack with materials.

Assembly table with PC to draw all elements. Plan is to made it from 8020 profiles, but have no time ;)

Bigger CNC. It have dissembled Z axis, as cheap ball nut from China has lost all balls from nut. New one is waiting for installation during weekend. Some new "project" stuff is also visible, but I will write more about it in another post.

Manual lathe and rack with screw.

I hope I will stay in this place till next winter, but who knows.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Epoxy granite CNC part


I like to share some epoxy granite element that I made to my CNC. I decide to made small modernization of my smaller mill. But like always modernization goes to total rebuild of machine.
One of step was to add stiffness and weight to old frame made from aluminium profiles.
Easiest way was to pour out some epoxy granite. When Y and Z axis was easy, because frame was already done, than X axis I have to  build from scratch.
Here I will describe how I made it.